GiveBox is the most innovative giving tool ever created.

It’s the world’s first ‘Cause Aggregator’! Now, causes from all over the world are trending right into your mobile device. Change is at your fingertips. In seconds, you can help causes you care about with GiveBox’s shopping cart experience.

Scroll through hundreds of causes that inspire you or search for a cause you care about.

- 100% of your donation reaches the specific cause
- Give to multiple charitable causes with an easy-to-use shopping cart
- Fast and easy mobile giving using a sophisticated user interface
- All causes are 501c3 certified and Guide Star approved
- Follow your favorite causes and see what’s trending
- Earn ‘Good Deeds’ points every time you give or share the cause
- Your payment information is protected with
- Your Giving History is itemized and organized for tax time

Give to causes that inspire you, and Share those causes to raise awareness.

Give in a moment without missing a moment.

  • iOS, Golang